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June 1, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

Tobacco-related diseases kill 4.3 million people each year in low- and middle-income countries. That’s more than HIV/AIDS, causes of deathmalaria, and tuberculosis combined (see figure). So could someone please explain why it isn’t a ‘mainstream development issue’?

Chocolate is good for you: The Chance Result the Whole World Yearned to Believe [h/t Richard King]

What did Otpor (Serbian protest movement) get right, that Occupy got wrong? Analysis by Harvard Business Review [h/t Rakesh Rajani]

climate change NoahThink we’ll be seeing more of this cartoon in the run up to the Paris climate change summit in December.

The ‘us’ & ‘them’ in trade agreements (e.g. the TPP) is not nation v nation, but investors (one dollar/one vote) v voters (one person/one vote)

72 countries have more than halved the proportion of undernourished people. Global total down to 795 million. The FAO’s new State of Food Insecurity report

There was quite a lot about football on twitter last week, for some reason (John Oliver provides essential background):

“Football has nothing to do with fair play. It is bound up with hatred, jealousy, boastfulness, disregard of all rules and sadistic pleasure in witnessing violence: in other words it is war minus the shooting.” George

can't believe not Blatter

Orwell quoted by Matt Andrews, who argues that football income is a bit like natural resources – money out of the ground, with a high likelihood of corruption.

‘A clean FIFA will get rid of African/Asian influence and ignore ¾ of the poor world.’ Branko Milanovic worries that a
cleaned-up soccer will end up looking like tennis

And it’s not just about corruption: in Qatar, “As things stand, more than 62 workers will die for each game played during the 2022 tournament.”

And finally, I rather liked this WaterAid spoof for last Thursday’s World Menstrual Hygiene Day, but still prefer the ad below –  wonder if Richard now regrets his Facebook post? It was one of 8 chosen by the Guardian in advance of the Cannes ‘glass lion awards’ later this month. Interesting to see just how good private sector is at targeting attitudes and beliefs – maybe we should leave that bit to them, and they should give up on the service delivery?…..

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June 1, 2015
Duncan Green