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May 26, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

Lots of people in Financing for Development mode in the run up to the Addis summit:FFD to Africa

Finance flows to Africa: From 1990-2012, total rose from $20bn to $120bn; Aid as % of total fell from 62% to 22%

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank; Silk Road Fund; BRICS Bank: how China is transforming global development finance

UK election post mortem (continued)

Britain resigns as a world power, according to the Washington Post

Alex Evans wonders where Labour can turn to find its vision thing

The art of spin. You’re Peabody Energy, a coal giant getting whacked on Climate Change. So why not rebrand yourself as a poverty warrior?

A grim killer fact (literally): “As things stand more than 62 workers will die for each game played during the 2022 Qatar World Cup tournament.”

Horribly fascinating: interactive graphic of homicide rates around the world.

Justified nepotism: another powerful, moving film on girls’ right to education, free of abuse, made by some of the girls in question, and my sister in law, Plan International’s Mary Matheson

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May 26, 2015
Duncan Green