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April 27, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

Europe’s migrant shame – a cartoon because words can’t suffice [h/t Alex Evans and Shulem Stern]Europe's shamewill this scale

The ups & downs of Sweden’s ‘feminist foreign policy’
UKIP  and the public debate on UK aid

My life has changed completely: Yemeni Oxfam programme officer describes his family’s flight from the capital, fear  and the daily grind.

10 tricks to appear smart in meetings. No 6: will this scale?

Lee Kuan Yew was an outlier. Authoritarianism is almost always worse than democracy on corruption

Brain Drain? It’s not that simple. A half of African-born doctors are trained outside their country of birth.15% of all doctors trained in Africa are born outside the continent.

What plane seating would look like, laid out on the basis of the U.S. income distribution

What do refugees in 5 Middle Eastern countries really think of aid agencies? Not much, apparently

MidEast refugee report card


April 27, 2015
Duncan Green