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April 20, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

China and the West: Not bad for a text written 113 years ago [h/t Branko Milanovic].China v West

‘The road to development is paved with bad inventions’. Excellent Ben Ramalingam blog on Innovation

‘How to get governments and aid organizations to adapt to the good and throw out the bad?’ Chris Blattman riffs on a Dani Rodrik interview

States are actually responsible for a huge amount of tech innovation, but currently they socialize the risks, and privatize the rewards. What to do? Brilliant from Mariana Mazzucato

The World Bank breaks its own rules as 3.4 million people are forced off their land

UK election slot

The BBC’s Robert Peston asks if Labour Leader Ed Miliband is a game changer like Mrs Thatcher, repositioning Labour as the party of regulation (rather than increased welfare spending or state ownership)?

All journos should learn to ask questions like Reema, a year 7 pupil from Salford. Or else just give her the job [h/t Kirsty McNeill] 

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April 20, 2015
Duncan Green