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April 7, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

Really horrible. Photo of 4-yr-old Syrian girl surrendering to a camera’s telephoto lens is real, not faked Syria surrender

Tourism: the world’s largest industry. One in every 11 jobs worldwide; 9.5% of global GDP. Yet of every $100 spent by an average developed-world tourist, only $5 remains in the destination’s economy [h/t Erinch Sahan]

What the climate movement must learn from religion: creating ‘altar calls’, conversion, witness, epiphany. And numbers: 40,000 people = London’s largest ever climate march, but 2 million attended UK Churches on Easter Sunday.

What happens when you let ‘experts’ tweak your draft SDGs/ post 2015 targets? They get worse.

Dissolution of parliamentUK elections: Whoever gave the green light for humour on London’s tube deserves our gratitude [h/t Diane Abbott]. And here’s 8 more top tube signs.

Time for some pessimism on governance:

Democracy behind bars: 11 opposition leaders facing jail or death

For the next few years, the richer Africa gets, the less democratic it will become [h/t Rakesh Rajani]

Submit all-male panels for David Hasselhof treatment. Funny & sharp campaign [h/t Heather Marquette] And hardly anyone has signed up to Owen Barder’s pledge not to sit on one – come on guys!

all male panels

April 7, 2015
Duncan Green