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March 9, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

Patriotism explainedpatriotism explained

12 leading reporters on aid and development – one for your RSS/twitter feed

‘Frequent email checks temporarily lower your intelligence more than being stoned.’ Brilliant tips on how to be (more) efficient

227 studies later, what actually works to improve learning in developing countries? Teacher training, accountability and ‘Pedagogical interventions that match teaching to individual student learning levels’, apparently

acceptance of homosexualityShould society accept homosexuality? 2013 poll [h/t Conrad Hackett]

88% yes – Spain

80% Canada

60% US

9% Turkey

2% Pakistan

Improving health systems in Ebola nations would have helped prevent it at one third of the cost of the relief effort, according to a new Save the Kids report

For the first time, more people in the developing world now die from strokes and heart attacks than infectious diseases. Time to launch OxFat?

One man and his rat – strangely touching. ‘Heroic’ giant rats sniff out landmines in Tanzania – and when they say giant, they’re not joking

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March 9, 2015
Duncan Green