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February 9, 2015

     By Duncan Green     

Never make predictions, especially about the future: 42 predictions by futurologists from c1960 (some correct – driverless cars) [h/t Tim Harford]futurist predictions

Flurry of posts on life and love in the aid biz:

How not to get a job in development. Some painful examples of pressing the self destruct button

‘Your mother will love the fact that you’re dating someone so caring’ 52 reasons to date an aid worker.

What does it take to start a development career? Check out DevQuest, a site for newcomers to the sector

Fascinating summary of research on links between aid & conflict: small aid (eg cash transfers) reduces it; big aid (eg infrastructure) seems to increase it.

Is it exciting or depressing that the OECD has persuaded mining giants to commit not to sanction torture, human rights abuses etc?

Tide turns on water privatization? 180 cities in 35 countries have re-municipalised” water systems in past decade.

The mother of all counterfactuals. Has the ICC had a deterrent effect on human rights abusers? (Answer: a cautious yes)

Must read from Owen Barder: Why 21st C development policy must go (way) beyond aid (UK MPs agree)

This is brilliant @Eboladeeply & @okayafrica produce on-the-ground Ebola reporting from Sierra Leone. Here’s the first 2 minute episode: [h/t David Sasaki] [youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/youtube]



February 9, 2015
Duncan Green