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July 18, 2022

     By Duncan Green     

Jeremy Hobbs

‘Oxfam mourns the death of our colleague & friend Jeremy Hobbs. He worked with us for over 2 decades and was Oxfam International’s first Executive Director. We remember him for his warmth, integrity and unwavering commitment to tackling inequality & injustice. Our thoughts are with his family.’

RIP Jeremy, a truly lovely, wise, wry and commited bloke, who (among many much more important things) made it possible for me to write and publish From Poverty to Power with Oxfam, without losing my sanity.

The latest Global Humanitarian Assistance is out: Finance flatlining; Only 56% of appeals met; Compounded crises; Climate risk now central ht Hugo Slim

Look closely. There are actually 16 circles in this image. And once you see them, the image appears changed forever. The wonderful coffer illusion, by Anthony Norcia ht Gavin Buckingham via Chris Blattman (took me ages)

Optical illusion

Like most other Brits, I suspect, my timeline’s been dominated by Westminster madness:

Priceless advice to the Speaker of the House of Commons on how to keep your unruly class in order, order.

‘The government has scheduled a vote of no confidence in itself next week’. Makes absolute sense……

If you’ve ever wondered just how misleading Fox News can be, watch what their viewers have been told about why Boris Johnson has resigned as Prime Minister. Bonkers, through-the-looking-glass stuff. Ht Larry the Cat (suspect it’s not really a cat)

July 18, 2022
Duncan Green