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July 4, 2022

     By Duncan Green     

Grand Bargain stats

The ‘Grand Bargain’ signatories met last week to review progress on improving humanitarian aid. Bottom left of the graphic shows one area where it seems to be going backwards – % of aid going through local agencies fell from 2020 → 21. ht Sorcha O’Callaghan

‘Marx was a historian who believed that economics shapes history, Keynes, the smartest adviser to power. In Capital , we have a Bible of capitalism, in General Theory , we have The Prince for economic management of capitalism.’ Lovely from Branko Milanovic

Prepare yourself for the real world with a degree in Mansplaining! Loving the bored faces. Top job, University of Adelaide PR peeps.


The Importance of (finding the right) Entry Points in Long Term Policy Problems

Maxing out the Social Distancing at Putin’s Caspian Summit in Turkmenistan. Bonkers.

Caspian summit

What if we treated every man who wants to buy a gun like a woman wanting an abortion? Ht Naila Kabeer

Treating gun ownership like abortion
July 4, 2022
Duncan Green