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June 28, 2022

     By Duncan Green     

Gloria Steinem’s memoir. Dark days. ht Lucy Prebble.

Forward to Gloria Steinem's memoir

The People vs Inequality podcast joined forces with Oxfam for a miniseries highlighting four inspiring stories from the ‘Emergent Agency in a Time of COVID-19’ project. All the episodes here

Ex-lawyer cleared by court

I’ll have what he’s having. ht Uncle Duke

Max Lawson responds to Noah Smith’s recent criticisms of Oxfam’s numbers on poverty in 2022. Wonderfully civilized exchange.

Poll of 2019 Tory voters

Couldn’t believe The Times could this be this bad, but I’ve seen the full page and they really did print this graphic ht Will Bailey-Watson

Best Glasto flag? ht Scott Bryan

This is a work event

These ‘Beach Animals’ were created by Theo Jansen as a fusion of art and engineering. The kinetic structures walk on their own and get all their energy from the wind. ht Wonder of Science.

Infinite monkeys typing Shakespeare. I use this far too often. Will stop now. ht Adrian Bliss

June 28, 2022
Duncan Green