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June 13, 2022

     By Duncan Green     

History of physics

Brief history of physics ht @sunny and Richard C.

Some interesting stuff on aid this week:

‘If you look at the bigger picture of change, aid has been close to irrelevant’. Stefan Dercon rattling cages about his new book. But surely aid still matters for things other than ‘big picture’ growth, like helping in crises, showing solidarity, reducing inequality, supporting human rights/civil society. Right Stefan?

Most aid funds go to just a few disasters. What about the rest? ‘Nearly 50 percent of all emergency funding this year is going to only five protracted – and largely conflict-driven – crises.’

Pope Francis calls for access to vaccines

It’s a big deal when the Pope backs a campaign for access to Covid medicines. Ht Anna Marriott

Where now for Australian aid? Thoughts on limits to good intentions from new Aussie government, from Terence Wood

‘This is our story of natural disaster – and, for once, it’s told entirely by us’. Good example of decol in practice – South Pacific islanders making a film about dealing with a cyclone, with support from Oxfam in the Pacific

And if you follow OI’s Nabil Ahmed in Nairobi, you’ll have seen him getting very excited the ‘world’s best soft drink’ is now on sale there…..

Irn-Bru on sale
June 13, 2022
Duncan Green