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May 30, 2022

     By Duncan Green     

Structural racism in peacebuilding

How structural racism shows up in peacebuilding, from new Peace Direct report ht Shuna Keen

How Not to End Mass Starvation. Alex de Waal argues it’s no use asking for money if you ignore conflict and war

Lot of Aussie friends are VERY excited about Penny Wong, their new Foreign/Aid Minister

‘The UK has a little less than 24 months to plan, approve and execute additional aid spending of more than £5 billion.’ CGD sets out some ideas how to go back up to 0.7 (which could happen in next year or two) wisely, but ends with what’s likely to happen instead….. ☹

Fertility rate in countries in East Asia

East Asian fertility rates have fallen so fast that Japan has been overtaken by most of its rich neighbours and is now on a par with China at 1.3 births per woman, cf S Korea at 0.7. Replacement rate is 2.1 They will have to rethink attitudes to immigration!

Extraordinary, impassioned press conference about the endless US shootings – from a basketball coach.

“Wouldn’t you call that racism?” Winnie Byanyima getting stuck in at Davos

May 30, 2022
Duncan Green