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May 23, 2022

     By Duncan Green     

Pfizer revenue by year

Mainly visuals this week:

Pfizer profits. Nuff said.

Branko Milanovic on Amartya Sen’s “Home in the World: A Memoir” – one of those reviews that makes you want to buy the book (instead of being an alternative to buying it)…

Leadership tips from James Timpson. Especially the last 3.

James Timpson leadership tips

Here’s everyone who has ever lived in one graphic… ht Ben Page

Number of people who are alive vs people who have lived
Gemma Pell

Imagine the trouble she has trying to introduce herself in France. Ht No Context Brits

Selling eggs to throw at Thatcher statue

Mrs Thatcher would be proud – man sells eggs to throw at newly installed statue of Iron Lady in her native Grantham. £10 per egg seems a bit OTT tho – braces a bit of a giveaway too, clearly a stunt.

From Francis Scarr: In an extremely rare moment of candour on Russian state TV today, defence columnist Mikhail Khodaryonok gave a damning assessment of Russia’s war in Ukraine and his country’s international isolation. It’s fairly long but worth your time so I’ve added subtitles.

May 23, 2022
Duncan Green