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May 16, 2022

     By Duncan Green     

Tumble dryer in wreckage

We start with Russian wreckage:

Any good explanations for why a tumble dryer was to be seen in the remains of this Russian helicopter in Ukraine?

Someone actually made a David Attenborough style voiceover for this video of a destroyed Russian tank. Ht Christian Borys

The changing way young people engage with climate change. ‘They didn’t need to hear about emission trajectories: they needed to hear about trajectories of popular struggle, when and how people without power changed the world.’ ht PS Baker

US development assistance under the Biden Administration. A lot of inertia – USAID and its Congressional allies fought off attempts by Trump to cut/downgrade aid, but others are now resisting Biden’s efforts to increase/upgrade it.

Two contrasting video introductions to my weird country

Proud to be British: Handy 7 second illustration of the gulf that separates Americans from Brits

Not so much: Mother of Parliaments, with soundtrack. Profoundly odd. ht Soren Jarnvig

May 16, 2022
Duncan Green