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April 25, 2022

     By Duncan Green     

Before and after PhDs

The academic roller coaster. ht Jay van Bavel

Two interesting posts on the slow demise of personal blogging. Tobias Denskus on Are personal #globaldev blogs a thing of the past? Mark Carrigan on ‘Are personal academic blogs a thing of the past? I’m starting to feel like the last of the Mohicans on this one….

The Ukraine:

‘The most obvious lesson that we can draw from the confiscation of Russian oligarchs’ assets is that pre-February 24 Russia was not an oligarchy, as many believed’. Insights from the incomparable Branko Milanovic on the long-term impact of sanctions

Why are so many African and Asian nations ambivalent about Russia’s invasion?

The Horn:

Alarm bells but little action as Horn of Africa faces unprecedented drought: ‘For Somalia, the most drought-affected, with 7.7 million people in need, its appeal is less than four percent funded, a stark contrast to fundraising efforts over Ukraine.’

Raising cash for water: why Somalis are bypassing aid agencies in drought crisis. Interesting example of Diaspora v Official Aid in disaster response…

Why the Past 10 Years of American Life have been Uniquely Stupid, by Jonathan Haidt. Great long read in The Atlantic. ‘Social scientists identified at 3 major forces that collectively bind together successful democracies: social capital, strong institutions, and shared stories. Social media has weakened all three.’ Ht Alex Evans.

Every Tudor history documentary, with the wonderful Suzanne Primate ht Eleanor Morton

April 25, 2022
Duncan Green