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February 21, 2022

     By Duncan Green     

Tax havens cartoon

Trickle down economics + tax havens ht Sony Kapoor

‘Make Us Feel Uncomfortable…’ Three Tips From @PaulPolman On How Charities Should Work With Business. Nice write up of his recent talk to @Oxfam staff

Myanmar’s first literary work since coup reveals ‘courage and altruism’ of writers. Love the idea of ‘witness writing’ (≥ protest writing)…

15 of the best Putin ridiculously long table memes. Special mention for the Bernie Sanders one – quite poignant in its way. And here’s a nice explainer of the perils of ‘DNA theft’ that has led to this.

Bernie Sanders and Putin meme

From Samantha Power (USAID boss): ‘Incredible: in just a few weeks, Uganda’s #COVID19 vaccination rate JUMPED from 14% to 47%. This sort of success is not easy, even with vaccine availability increasing. But with @USAID support, the government rolled out a ​​comprehensive mass vaccination campaign w/ tremendous results.

Uganda vaccination progress

The Indian air force used elephant helicopters for ceremonial flyovers in the 70s. Wild.

Elephant helicopters
February 21, 2022
Duncan Green