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January 31, 2022

     By Duncan Green     

At what date will average UK persons’ 2022 emissions surpass annual emissions of other countries? Powerful number crunch/infographic on climate inequality from Euan Ritchie

Comparing UK citizen emissions with other countries

The Wordle craze is now spawning some (more) interesting mutuations (sorry, Covid language is hard to get away from these days). If you’re looking for a suitable timesuck, there’s an environmental version, c/o IIED, or try this historical timeline game (ht Chris Blattman).

Bookshop sign

Will Countries Ever Learn How to do Fuel Subsidy Reform well? Insightful look at the politics of reform in light of Kazakhstan meltdown from Anit Mukherjee and Alan Gelb. Turns out it can be done, but requirespolitical commitment, openness to engage in public dialogue, building consensus among stakeholders and powerful vested interests, setting up implementation systems, and working across different government ministries, departments, and agencies.’ That’s quite a list.

Bookshops and Covid ht Themrise Khan

Traveling abroad with young kids. Wish I’d had these top tips from Chris Blattman when mine were small.

‘We are fighting an SDG forest fire with financial water pistols. We can afford to reverse poverty and climate breakdown. What we can’t afford is the alternative’. Kevin Watkins, as ever, making good sense, this time on the failure of the global financial system.

What bloody man is this? The Tragic History of Boris, thane of Uxbridge. Superb Macbeth spoof from Robert Hutton

World Map according to fish ht @geography

World map as seen by fish
January 31, 2022
Duncan Green