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January 24, 2022

     By Duncan Green     

St George testing the dragon

St George testing the dragon for Covid ht @ArtMemeLord

Deaths vs. The Economy: An Unexpected Reversal. ‘assume that you do not know anything about how different countries have handled the pandemic so far and are given the following exam questions: there is a very rich country with a democratic government, and there is a significantly less rich country trying to catch up with the richest (but still at 1/3 of the richest country’s per capita income level) with an authoritarian government. Which government is more likely to use lockdowns to stop the spread of the disease? Brilliant as ever from Branko Milanovic

There’s courtship rituals and then there’s the Hooded Grebe. Wonderfully bonkers. Makes me laugh every time

Millionaires call on governments worldwide to ‘tax us now’. Love the idea of an organization called ‘Patriotic Millionaires UK’. Turkeys? Christmas?

Best nonfiction I read this year, Part II. Great to have Chris Blattman blogging again and back among my morning reads

Nine 9 Young African Activists to Look Out for in 2022 ht Tobias Denskus

A five year old, pre-empting Sue Gray’s report into the Number 10 parties. Gorgeous. Ht Stuart Gordon

And finally, what if Elvis Presley was really Punjabi? Superb. Ht Preet Bharara

January 24, 2022
Duncan Green