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November 22, 2021

     By Duncan Green     

Chico Mendes quote

COPping out. Not going to get into the ‘cup one fifth full/four fifth empty’ debate on Glasgow (oops, too late), but here are some other takes.

My favourite placard was this quote from Chico Mendes, although ‘keep Glasgow cold’ came a close second (ht Nicholas Colloff)

Alex Evans and George Monbiot set out the two sides of the classic leftist dilemma, after every (sort-of) defeat: do you build bridges with frequent flyers and meat eaters (Alex), or strengthen the vanguard and hit the streets (George). I reposted Alex on the blog, and then put George’s take in the comments.

George also sent round ‘What the Clyde said, after COP26’ a beautiful poem by Kathleen Jamie that ‘captures the grief, and the determination’.

Keep Glasgow cold

Finally, this powerful that was left outside each negotiators’ room, reminding them of who will be most affected by their (lack of) decisions. ht Frank Jordans

Meanwhile, away from Glasgow:

Indian PM Narendra Modi to repeal farm laws after year of protests

Migration within Africa

Watch national Doughnuts changing over time. Published this week: data and infographics for 150 countries, 1992-2015. ht Kate Raworth

World Bank projects 7.3% spike in 2021 remittances to $589 billion. Migrants now = nearly 4x global aid flows.

The bulk of African migration takes place within the continent. Ht Carlos Lopes

Susie Dent tweets fantastic and apposite words from the past. Try this: ‘A reminder of the word ‘nod-crafty’ (17th century): given to nodding the head with an air of great wisdom when you actually don’t have a clue/tuned out a while ago.’ Feeling a bit too seen on that one….

State of Tax Justice 2021: Almost $500bn ‘lost to tax abuse by firms and super-rich in 2021’

What Next for Ethiopia? by Alex de Waal

How do people in different countries spend their time?

How people spend their time, by  country
November 22, 2021
Duncan Green