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November 1, 2021

     By Duncan Green     

404 page from Financial Times

Pretty geeky collection of links this week, but then I know my audience….

Check out the FT 404 page. My fave: ‘Efficient Markets Hypothesis: If you had paid enough for the page, it would have appeared’. Ht Emma McGowan

Bangladesh’s NGOs at 50: a thoughtful conversation between two real experts: David Lewis and Naomi Hossain

Really enjoying the new People vs Inequality podcast from Barbara van Paassen. Intelligent, in-depth interviews with Southern women activist leaders on economic justice. Will be recommending it to my students

‘We estimate that Make Strong Minds (which provides psychotherapy) is 12 times more cost-effective than Give Directly (which provides $1,000 lump-sum cash transfers).’ A possible game changer on mental health, aid & dev, if true? Well it certainly got the measurement geeks agitated – trying to fix a follow-up debate on the blog. Ht Tom Wein.

“The muddling can add to confusion on the role of government and exacerbate declining trust in experts and institutions” The incompatibility of Nudge and Co-Design as tools for policymaking –  

Great pre-CoP26 video on fossil fuel subsidies from UNDP. The UN is full of dinosaurs, but this is defo the scariest

November 1, 2021
Duncan Green