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October 25, 2021

     By Duncan Green     

Reporting. Any resemblance to the aid sector is purely accidental.

Dilbert on reporting

The UK’s leading (or at least biggest) supermarket, Tesco, has published new commitments on living wages for its banana producers as well as a gender target as part of the implementation of their gender strategy. Top influencing from Oxfam private sector team and allies.

Global excess Covid deaths

UK aid budget gets de facto $800 million cut (on top of all the previous) for 2022. ‘Global Britain shrivelling before our eyes.

‘How Covax failed on its promise to vaccinate the world’. Powerful investigative piece into the weaknesses of a trickle-down, charitable response to the pandemic ht Tobias Denskus

COVID-19’s Impact on Inequality: What does the Latest Analysis Show Us? Good update from Max Lawson

The World Bank as a Cash-Transfer Algorithm. Nice thought experiment/polemic response to the Bank’s loss of direction/credibility over Covax and Doing Business

Every week The Economist updates this Covid chart. Key points: global excess deaths are roughly 16 million – four times the official Covid death toll. And the unforgiveable injustice of 4 jabs per 100 people in poor countries v 132 in rich ones.

October 25, 2021
Duncan Green