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October 11, 2021

     By Duncan Green     

Extreme multi-stakeholder consultation… ht Richard Cunliffe

The Data Manipulation Scandal that could topple the heads of the World Bank & IMF. Superb analysis of the Doing Business scandal by Justin Sandefur. Should be required reading for public policy/international development students. It also shows the extraordinary power of league tables in advocacy

How to Destroy a Country: Does Ethiopia Have a Future? By Mark Lowcock. ‘I don’t think Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and other leaders in Ethiopia actually want to destroy their country. But an intelligent observer from outer space with an insight into the human condition might think so.’

Great, genuinely historic news. WHO endorses use of world’s first malaria vaccine in Africa by Lizzy Davies. ‘when young children were given both the RTS,S and antimalarial drugs there was a 70% reduction in hospitalisation or death.’ + even more effective drugs in the pipeline.

How to avoid sexual assault – a guide for perps. Ht Sarah Carson

Historical climate emissions reveal responsibility of big polluting nations. US the biggest overall emitter, but next come Russia, Brazil and Indonesia. India is 6th. This certainly seems to complicate the ‘North historically dirty; South clean’ narrative.

A pro-equality turn in China and the United States? Branko Milanovic argues that China and US are tackling their inequality crises in similar ways (economic policy, education, social mobility etc)

As tides rise and fall, the drowning girl statue titled ‘Bihar,’ created by Mexican artist Ruben in Bilbao, brilliantly raises awareness on Climate Change. Ht Aarav Seth

October 11, 2021
Duncan Green


  1. A shame that the historical climate graph doesn’t look at emissions per capita. I’m not sure how much it complicates the narrative you mention to say that the UK has emitted 75% of the CO2 of the whole of Indonesia, a country four times the size; or to say that Germany has exceeded India despite having only 6% of the people.

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