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October 4, 2021

     By Duncan Green     

Brexit bus meme

Gotta love the fuel shortage v Brexit cartoons. Here’s another cracker – please add your own

Farage tweet about fuel crisis

Nigel Farage also doing his bit to keep us amused. Thoughts and prayers for the father of Brexit.

Phil McCann

And the BBC got in on the nominative determinism game. Ladies and Gents, please welcome … Phil McCann

Just a few weeks after Liz Truss became Foreign Secretary, the Treasury is poised to hobble her department by slashing the development budget by the backdoor, while still claiming to meet the ODA target. Ranil Dissayanake sounds the alarm:

Billions pledged and awareness raised, but UN food summit fails to heal divisions. Good post mortem from The New Humanitarian

Connecting research to policy is complex, unpredictable and time consuming – so should we expect academics to do it on their own? Jenny Bird sets out the case for Universities to set up specialist ‘policy impact’ units

How to catch an alligator using only a wheelie bin. Crucial life lesson

Greta Thunberg’s blah blah blah riff was pure genius. Destined to enter wider narratives on social change and politics – we will be hearing it a lot in months and years to come

Bill Nye (the science guy) destroying racism in one minute.

October 4, 2021
Duncan Green