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August 16, 2021

     By Duncan Green     

An Equitable Olympics medal table, weighted for population, looks very different from the standard one. Go San Marino (shooting x2 + wrestling)

Medals table by population

An evangelical pastor in rural South Sudan recounts a personal story of travelling ‘under the water’ to ‘the land of demons’. Ryan O’Byrne on the pitfalls of outsider researchers trying to ‘make sense’ of religious experience

Full listing of 60 LSE blogs – you can subscribe to individual updates. 9 million visitors a year – v impressive channel for engagement. I follow LSE Impact, LSE International Development, LSE Review of Books and Africa at LSE, but looks like I may have to sign up to a few more.

Extraordinary surge in forced displacement, with climate change refugees only beginning. From The Economist’s briefing (paywall) on 70 years of the UN Refugee Convention

“Last week I was a news journalist. Today I can’t write under my own name or say where I am from or where I am. My whole life has been obliterated in just a few days.” An Afghan journalist writes.

Oxfam GB’s Trainee Scheme now open for applications. No experience or qualifications required, just passion, enthusiasm & commitment to fighting inequality

New fellowships at the University of Oxford for refugee/displaced scholars. Applications are now open for the RSC-BIEA Fellowship in Refugee Studies. 12 funded positions for a 1-year programme are available to candidates with a displacement background.

Solar Geoengineering at a Standstill? This one isn’t going away – climate change community will have to engage sooner or later, IMO

Useful outsiders – how can external actors support authentic locally led development?

Lord of the Flies. Never gets old. Ht Tony Dawson

Lord of the Flies summary
August 16, 2021
Duncan Green