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August 9, 2021

     By Duncan Green     

The future is reduced for a quick sale

Welcome to The Future. Seems about right.

UK aid: Survival of the Fittest or Cutting at Random? Ranil Dissayanake and Euan Ritchie crunch the numbers and find ‘they quickly ran out of underperformers to cut and were forced to slash high-performing programmes too.’

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: ‘Theory is a kind of idolatry’. Summary of what sounds like a great lecture at University of Cape Town on theory v story-telling

Still enjoying this clip of Fijians celebrating their Olympics rugby gold medal hit Filipe Naikaso

Book Review: New Pandemics, Old Politics: Two Hundred Years of War on Disease and its Alternatives by Alex de Waal. Excellent book review by Hannah Farimond

France approves massive increase of ODA budget. Feeling a bit trolled HMG?

Tried them on; returned them – clearly wanted Raybans instead

August 9, 2021
Duncan Green