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August 2, 2021

     By Duncan Green     

The RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institute) recorded a 2,000% increase in donations in a single day amid a surge in support over rescues of migrant boats. Criticism by Nigel Farage and others sparked an unprecedented flood of donations, including over £200,000 yesterday alone. Will Farage now offer to slag off other charities, for a suitable fee/% of the surge? He could always donate it to charity……. Ht Lizzie Dearden

How Amsterdam became the bicycle capital of the world. (Has anyone told Hanoi?) Great How Change Happens case study

Why do academics choose useless titles for articles and chapters? Four steps to getting a better title.

Some African voices on tiktok sing about the gay agenda – hilarious! Ht Sexual Minorities Uganda

Is the humanitarian sector really using research evidence?

‘Western analysis of African realities should be faithful to the ways that Africans themselves are experiencing and narrating those realities. It is not the job of Western analysts to make Africans feel better about their own conditions’. Thought provoking reflection on failed states and the pitfalls of Western commentary

Covid and Development:

Vaccination rates by country income. Staggering. Ht Ian Bremmer

Vaccine dose against income

Three New Estimates of Deaths in India during the Pandemic

How rapid research supports evidence-based policymaking. Sian Herbert nerding out for IDS

This is how they talk over cocktails. Clip of a G7 drinks reception (1991?), featuring Margaret Thatcher, Lady Di and even HM the Queen speaking French. Shocking. Hard to imagine anyone getting that kind of access these days. Ht Ben Brittain.

August 2, 2021
Duncan Green