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May 31, 2021

     By Duncan Green     

Uses of word Fuck on Mumsnet forums

How to track the national mood? Welcome to the ‘fxckometer’ – ‘number of posts containing the word (or FFS) on Mumsnet’. Turns out it’s highly correlated to school closures. Brilliant and funny from The Economist.

Tobacco killed almost 8 million people in 2019 (about the same as the global Covid death toll so far) according to The Lancet. The number of smokers is at an all-time high of 1.1 billion. 1/3 (341 million) live in China. Massive public health/development issue – why so little attention?

‘This is an individual responsibility of companies, which is separate from states’ actions.’ Text of the Dutch court ruling that Shell must reduce its CO2 emissions. Huge.

Wealth of richest 400 US billionaires soars under Covid to 20% GDP according to Gabriel Zucman’s calculations

African Development course leader and winner of the LSE Inspirational Teacher Award in 2021 (voted by students), Dr Eyob Balcha Gebremariam reflects on teaching using decolonial perspectives

“Obsessed with this guy who just uploads videos of him playing classic rock riffs while his bird freestyles vocals” ht Sony Kapoor

May 31, 2021
Duncan Green