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May 17, 2021

     By Duncan Green     

First a small announcement. I’m trying to dig into the impact of UK aid cuts. I’d love to talk to insiders re how partner govts are reacting; any suggestions of a strategy behind what look like random cuts. In confidence if you’d prefer. You know what to do.

Argentina is leading the world with its gender-responsive Covid policies. Great article about the feminists in government leading the work. ht Laura Turquet

‘The greatest challenge facing South Asia over the next decade is not the threat of coercion, rather, it is now the threat of consent.’ Ritika Arora-Kukreja summarizes her fascinating (and prize-winning) LSE essay

What have we learned about cash transfers? Great summary of a mountain of research (e.g. on relative merits of unconditional v conditional). ht Ranil Dissanayake

Think African Podcast Episode 1: Planting Seeds. Promising new series ‘from an unapologetically African point of view. It is platform on which African thinkers can critically engage with contentious, fraught and messy conversations, and grapple with the complexities of the continent’s history and present.

Really good series of posts on China in Africa from CARI/Washington Post collaboration. Unfortunately the Washington Post website is a total pain, constantly putting obstacles to get you to subscribe. Be more Guardian, people…..

The case for moving to Scotland (apart from the weather) grows stronger every day…..Glasgow protesters rejoice as men freed after immigration van standoff

May 17, 2021
Duncan Green