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March 22, 2021

     By Duncan Green     

Riveting but horrendous report on widespread rape and human rights abuse in Tigray. Brilliant, human journalism by Jamal Osman of Channel 4 News

My LSE activism students are breaking out of the classroom into real life. First Sofia Kellogg introduces the team behind the Impact.ivist, an Instagram account started by a group of the students to highlight social justice issues and activism around the world. 7 issues already up, on everything from subversive tattoos in Myanmar to the LGBTQI+ movement in Ghana or the age of consent in France.

Meanwhile, one of the Impactivists, Sarah Jabir, has also responded to the murder of Sarah Everard by taking her activism course project live. Check out her campaign to legalize pepper spray for self defence – @Pass_thePepper on twitter, Instagram or linktree

Institutional Racism in the Aid Sector and how Oxfam is responding by Lydia Zigomo.

The UK government’s interpretation of ‘Global Britain’ has been on full and depressing display recently. £10bn more on more nukes; £5bn less on aid. Result? A growing back bench rebellion demanding (shock!) a vote on the aid decision.

Zoom Escaper lets you sabotage and so escape the endless online meetings with audio problems, including howling wind, construction, toilet noises, crying babies/men and more. Genius ht Tom Kirk

Register here for a webinar on our Covid research: Three global trends in Emergent Agency during Covid-19. Wednesday 24th March 13:30 UTC

Last week was St Patrick’s Day, which brought one of the best TV vox pops in the history of broadcasting. Ht Alan Beattie…

March 22, 2021
Duncan Green