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March 8, 2021

     By Duncan Green     

Happy International Women’s Day. From burden to benefit: Reframing the conversation on care. Smart piece by Amber Parkes on the power of language in advocacy. And beautifully written (just started using the intro in my blog training slides).

V excited to see a Portuguese translation of How Change Happens, free to download.Here’s the video of the launch last week, if you want to practice your Portuguese or laugh at my Spanish….

Open Access to academic books creates larger, more diverse and more equitable readerships

Distinguishing post-communist privatizations from the Big Bang. Branko Milanovich defends Jeff Sachs and (as always) sheds new light on what really happened in Poland, Russia and Yugoslavia

Three Vaccine Assumptions for 2021. Excellent piece by Swee Kheng Khor ht Winnie Byanyima

Price Check: Nations Pay Wildly Different Prices For Vaccines

Superb long read from Naomi Hossain on the 50th anniversary of The Concert for Bangladesh (George Harrison and Ravi Shankar). The album was part of my childhood, but this essay is a revelation

Dolly Parton has to be the best ambassador for vaccination ever. Hope she writes and records a full version of vaccine, vaccine, vacciiiiine

March 8, 2021
Duncan Green