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December 14, 2020

     By Duncan Green     

Development speak: the gift that keeps giving

Naomi Hossain tweet

COVID-19 as a ‘Critical Juncture’: A Scoping Review by John Twigg

Why so many Syrian women get divorced when they move to western countries. Thought-provoking piece from Rola El-Husseini

Sahrawi refugees

In 2015 Oxfam profiled 40 Sahrawi refugees 40 years after the Western Sahara conflict erupted. For Human Rights Day they caught up with several of them to find out how their lives have – or have not – changed five years later. Love the longitudinal portraiture – more please, and over longer time spans!

‘I am not a robot’. ‘That’s exactly what a robot would say.’ Genius.

December 14, 2020
Duncan Green