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December 2, 2020

     By Duncan Green     

Researchers left 17,000 wallets on the streets of 355 cities, some empty, some with money. Contrary to the predictions of economists, people everywhere were more likely to return wallets with money in them. But rates did vary from country to country. Ht Ethan Mollick

Rates for handing in wallets by country

‘Moving mountains’: How Pakistan’s ‘invisible’ women won workers’ rights (‘Bano is paid about 25 Pakistani rupees (£0.10) a day…..)

Super excited about chairing Clare Short on Friday (4-6pm UK time). Please join us. Her lecture topic: ‘Reflecting on the Demise of DFID’. Expect fireworks. Last week, Nora Lustig was utterly brilliant on Latin American inequality. Catch up with her recording here.

Clare may just be mentioning stories like these:

Wondering why the polls called US elections wrong again? Social isolation reduces willingness to participate in surveys and 17% of Americans reported having no one they were close with (up 9% on 2013). ‘These socially disconnected voters were far more likely to view Trump positively‘ ht Ranil Dissanayake

A brief history of US Presidents, by Glenn E Martin

US Presidents as emoji

‘The [UK] Cabinet Office has called in management consultants to give advice on how government can reduce its reliance on consultants’.  Ht Richard Johnstone

“The coronavirus vaccine produced by Oxford University and AstraZeneca will be available on a non-profit basis “in perpetuity” to low- and middle-income countries in the developing world.” Step up or shame up for the rest of big Pharma?

Dying to help: A drift towards humanitarian martyrdom. Important discussion on MSF’s apparent willingness to accept casualties

RIP Diego Maradona and the greatest warm-up of all time

December 2, 2020
Duncan Green