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October 19, 2020

     By Duncan Green     

Go to jail

Special Michel Foucault edition of Monopoly ht Patrick Dunleavy

Women’s Empowerment and Economic Development: A Feminist Critique of Storytelling Practices in “Randomista” Economics. Forensic critique of Esther Duflo’s narrative/use of ‘evidence’ from Naila Kabeer

Political Economy Analysis: Useful fortnightly round-up from Abt Associates. Latest is set of PEA Case studies (grouped by level of analysis – global, regional, country, sector – and problem driven PEA within a sector).

Political trust: The glue that keeps democracies together. Susan Dodsworth & Nic Cheeseman make a powerful case for more research on Trust and Politics. Why does it rise/fall? What’s the impact on politics? Can trust be strengthened by donors and others and if so how?

World economy by GDP

World Economy by GDP – nice punchy infographic. Anyone got one in PPP terms?

Fragility: Time for a Rethink. Important challenge from ODI to the OECD’s recent States of Fragility report – is the whole idea of fragility past its sell-by date?

“African (largely feminist) scholarship that informs my postgraduate teaching on research methods.”  by Awino Okech ht David Mwambari

‘This is what I imagine it’s like to be on SAGE.’ UK Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (xkcd comics ht Ben Ashby )

October 19, 2020
Duncan Green