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October 12, 2020

     By Duncan Green     

Give me one dollar, or I'm voting for Trump

Smart guy – the opposite of buying votes cd be business genius…. ht Richard Cunliffe

If the handmaid’s tale was Scottish…..

American politicians and flies. What’s all that about? First Obama and now Pence provides just about the only moment of levity in the current grim campaign. Don’t Cry for me Whitehouse Staffer.

Continuing with grim. Why transactional sex is difficult to stop in the aid sector

Jayati Ghosh kicked off our ‘Cutting Edge Issues in Development’ series of Friday online lectures brilliantly last week. Next up, Danny Quah on the ‘Global Power Shift to Asia’. Full series here.

Can taxation stimulate political participation? Evidence from the DRC shows ‘tax collection stimulates citizen participation and demand for accountable governance, even in settings with weak states and autocratic regimes’.

What Aboutery – the cartoon

October 12, 2020
Duncan Green