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October 5, 2020

     By Duncan Green     

RIP RBG ht Kate Raworth

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Global perceptions of land and property rights. More detail on the 1bn ppl who live in fear of losing their homes, inc breakdown by geography, urban v rural, young v old and gender

Latest round of Oxfam’s ‘Make Change Happen’ MOOC for activists starts today (5th October). Register now to join thousands of happy grads!

The FCDO: aid as a force for good or for the UK’s commercial and security interests? A view from Down Under. Brilliant as ever from Graham Teskey (tho he pulls his punches a bit at the end)

Another brilliant reflection from Branko Milanovic. Is the heyday of great social novels (Austen, Tolstoy) linked to the awareness of class divisions in society? If so, might great novels be about to make a comeback?

Covid cases by continent and country

Smart bit of number crunching by The Economist. Extrapolating from ‘serosurveys’ of antibodies in the general population. They find that global infections actually peaked in May. Comparisons between then and now are distorted because testing has become more widespread (which also helps explain lower death rates). Are they right?

‘Landmark moment’: 156 countries (not including USA) agree to Covid vaccine allocation deal

Stoats love trampolines. Who knew? Ht Jon Jones

A Short History of the Idea of Ending Poverty. Martin Ravallion summarizes his paper of the same title. Looks like a useful teaching resource. ht Tobias Denskus

And finally, thanks to the staff at the ILO for this. I can die happy in this kind of company……

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October 5, 2020
Duncan Green