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August 31, 2020

     By Duncan Green     

Data, Knowledge, Wisdom and other stuff. ht Peter Baker

‘Research in conflict settings is like living with a constant risk of getting burned. As researchers, we grow accustomed to the burns; we even begin to trivialise them. Until the day we realise that our skin no longer heals.’ An Ansoms on the LSE Africa blog

What Have We Learned from Recent Years of Education Research in Africa? Brilliant, nuanced round up from Dave Evans and Amina Mendez Acosta

Identify the positive outliers in national health outcomes (not just on Covid), then try and work out what they are doing right. Good exercise in data-driven positive deviance from Our World in Data

OMG. West Wing cast getting back together in special episode to get out the vote ahead of US elections (the guy in the middle is Aaron Sorkin).

‘Climate, Covid and Care’ podcast and zine launched by Oxfam – a collection of stories from five feminist climate activists. Podcast and Zine

Want a better approach to academic ‘impact’? ‘Reward impactful environments (rather than individual achievements) and assess open and engaged universities (that are recognised as ‘anchor’ institutions in their local area) on a wider range of activities’.

Map of Africa showing each Country’s major trading partner. Is that Norway in the middle (CAR)? Ht Africa Updates

And finally, fancy a bit of Simon and Garf, as reimagined by the Parody Project in 2017, but more horribly accurate than ever in a time of Covid? Except for the Fox News bit…..

August 31, 2020
Duncan Green