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July 27, 2020

     By Duncan Green     

BLM continues to inspire reflection and rethinking:

‘Racism is very costly to its victims but also to racists—everyone is worse off in a double defeat. Ethnicism carries big opportunity costs and causes psychological damage (post-colonialism stress disorder.) Celestine Monga on the economy of prejudices.

How (not) to write about global health

Revisiting the Brixton struggle [i.e. the 1981 riots]. Interview and comparison with BLM with Leila Hassan and Farruk Dhondy of Race Today (which was published in a squat at the end of my street!)

Why is so much UK development research funding effectively tied aid? Kudos to CGD for continuing to raise this issue.

UK government quietly cuts international aid by £2.9 billion as MPs leave parliament for summer

Shift to electric cars – good thing right? What about the environmental (and socio-political) costs in the countries that produce Cobalt (DRC) and Lithium (Chile, Bolivia) for the batteries?

Loving Sarah Cooper lipsynching POTUS foot-in-mouth moments. Here she is doing person-woman-man-camera-TV.

‘ODI Bites’ is a new series of 15m interviews, this one with Carlos Lopes and Marta Foresti on Africa beyond Covid-19

‘Natural resources are best seen as a double-edged sword that has a positive economic effect as well as a negative institutional effect’.

The Humanitarian system evolves in response to crisis and failure, so what will be the legacy of Covid? Long read reflection (& useful historical summary)

If you’re feeling depressed about being British, at least Tyler Cowen gives UK life sciences top marks on their Covid response (in contrast to the government). Ht Geoff Mulgan

I try and keep cat videos to a minimum, but this one’s special – cat upstages cleric

July 27, 2020
Duncan Green