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July 13, 2020

     By Duncan Green     

Might be time for the Avon and Somerset Police to consider using a different media spokesman, or at least calling him Robert…. Ht James Herring

‘8 big food & drink companies paid out over $18bn to shareholders since January – ten times more than has been requested in the UN COVID-19 appeal to stop people going hungry.’ New Oxfam report

Love the metaphor – so if you are batman, who is the guy on the unicycle? Ht @MarieAnnUK

The 25 crises that shaped history. Grim but important compilation of major humanitarian events since Rwanda 1994 and their wider impact by The New Humanitarian. Good way to understand the evolution of humanitarian aid.

Trolleyology updated for Covid ht Ruth Levine

Think the COVID-19 vaccine should be a global common good? If so, please pledge your support now

Teaser from Branko Milanovic for an important new number crunch on inequality: ‘Elephant no more. Global top 1% growth has significantly slowed down after the financial crisis, its share in global income has declined, overall global inequality continued on its downward path. Conclusions hold even when adjusted for top income underestimation. Forthcoming paper.’

And finally, Michael Jackson reincarnated on a Hubei construction site ht Bill Birtles
July 13, 2020
Duncan Green