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July 6, 2020

     By Duncan Green     

Things I hate. This oldie-but-goodie has had me grinning to myself for the last 24 hours, on and off – can’t be bad.

CGD is publishing some really excellent thinking around the pandemic. Here’s an example: Beyond Lockdown⁠—Sustainable COVID Control for Low-Income Countries.

As is Oxfam. ‘Care work must be at the heart of a feminist COVID-19 recovery.’ New research in the UK, US, Canada and low income communities in Kenya and the Philippines reveals how unpaid care work has increased during the pandemic particularly for racial and ethnic minority families, women living in poverty and single mothers.

Black Lives Matter is continuing to make waves in the aid sector:

The US has gained nearly 30 new billionaires since March. The top five are 26% richer collectively than before covid-19. Reason = tech stock gains. File under ‘silver linings’…..

The aid biz usually focuses on primary education, but some bad stuff is happening in universities. Ghana’s retrogressive Public University Bill

Really interesting piece on how DFID (mainly governance advisers) and the FCO understand politics, and what that means for the merger.

And back to BLM, c/o The Daily Show

Black Lexa from Amazon. Helping your white friends, so you don’t have to.’

July 6, 2020
Duncan Green