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June 15, 2020

     By Duncan Green     

Covid first, then BLM

‘Do you believe that a foreign power or other force is deliberately spreading coronavirus?’ This is so absent from the rationalist bubble of political analysis of the pandemic. And what’s with The Netherlands?

12 ways this global pandemic could transform humanitarianism forever. V good from Heba Aly.

Google searches predict Covid case volumes up to 14 days ahead. Among the most predictive are searches for anosmia – the loss of smell… In Tanzania, anosmia search data suggests there are many times more Covid cases than the 509 that have been reported” (ht Rory Cellan-Jones)

As Nigel Farage makes an unlamented departure from LBC, let us remember this moment (ht Naila Kabeer)

Aid workers: It’s time to practise what you preach

Is racism part of our reluctance to localise humanitarian action? Hugo Slim thinks so

How to make some excessively militarised police look ridiculous, using only a bugle

Prof Angela Davis had some wise perspective on the Black Lives Matter protests

June 15, 2020
Duncan Green