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February 17, 2020

     By Duncan Green     

Paleolithic dating issues ht Keerthik Sasidharan

‘INGOs have a mixed track record of engagement with in-country mission-driven organizations and need to be encouraged to engage with transparency, respect, and genuine partnership.’ Good suggestions for how to do so from Ruth Levine ht Rakesh Rajani

Nice New Yorker piece on degrowth vs green growth with a big shout-out to rock start exfamer Kate Raworth ht Ken Shadlen

Some countries listen to happier music than others (Brazil > US), and globally, Feb (i.e. right now) is the most miserable audio month. From The Economist

If you’re an INGO or an academic thinking of jumping on the podcast bandwagon, check out this really helpful new report from the International Broadcasting Trust

Should your project use a blockchain? ht xkcd

Hanging out in men’s bathrooms: is it time to rethink what ‘evidence’ means in international development? Smart piece on the politics of evidence & link to decolonization from Lavinia Tyrrel

Mumbai police get creative about stopping random car honking. Lovely idea and priceless video, but not sure how this works at intersections (which is where most traffic lights are located, right?)
February 17, 2020
Duncan Green