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December 9, 2019

     By Duncan Green     

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Gritter names

Thanks Suzie Doore for this much-needed reminder that some British people are still managing to retain a sense of humour

Keynesian development in action. Give Directly dropped a massive stimulus package of cash transfers on rural Kenya — and transformed the economy. Nice write up of some very impressive research

Story of the legendary 1981 Lesotho concert by Hugh Masakela and Miriam Makeba, both at that point 20 years in exile from their native South Africa. Cue massive party. Now the album is being reissued

How to use the law for social change

But climate change overshadowed everything else last week (I’m not allowed to say much about the UK elections, which is probably just as well)

Best soundbite so far from the Spanish climate change summit?  Petteri Taalas from the World Meteorological Organisation says 5% of the world’s GDP goes to fossil fuel subsidies, when that money could “solve” the climate crisis. ht Rebecca Herbert.

And while we’re on the climate, take a tour of CO2 since 800 thousand years ago. ht Kris Karnauskas

And UNCTAD put out this video (6m) calling for a Global Green New Deal. Shorter, tweetable version here

December 9, 2019
Duncan Green