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November 18, 2019

     By Duncan Green     

I think I have finally identified the culprit for the dismal state of many academic conferences and most NGO meetings – the CIA Sabotage Field Manual (1941). Example: ‘Make “speeches”. Talk as frequently as possible and at great length.’ ht Shit Academics Say.

Rukmini Banerjee of Pratham describes its 20-year partnership with economics Nobelists Esther Duflo and & Abhijit Banerjee on how best to teach reading in India. Maybe the true power of RCTs is in this kind of long term learning partnership with specific organizations? Ht Nancy Birdsall

Is the Centre for Global Development Marxist? CGD’s Justin Sandefur responds to some 1950s-era Red-Baiting from the World Bank’s Director of Development Economics.  

The BRICS isn’t looking too attractive these days, according to South African cartoonist Carlos Amato

The mistakes we made over Ebola. Excellent summary of a recent Lancet conference. Ht Tobias Denskus

Life on the Move: wonderful 4m animation on migration, based on real life stories. Ht Peter Evans

November 18, 2019
Duncan Green