Why Policy Networks don’t work and other Links I Liked

October 21, 2019

     By Duncan Green     

Russell Ackoff quote

Seen in an NGO office in Goma

Why policy networks don’t work (the way we think they do). Thought provoking case study on the Ebola response in West Africa.

The Greta Thunberg memes just keep coming. Now Fatboy Slim has got in on the act with a remix of ‘Right Here, Right Now’. Sorry, Adam Baden-Clay, but I really don’t think that is a bad thing!

Oxfam’s Make Change Happen free 8 week online course (MOOC) for activists has just started – 1,000+ changemakers from around the world already signed up. Join here.

Reforming UK Research and Development aid funding for greater impact. A must read for anyone in the research biz.

‘Oxfam found that out of the 79p price of 100g of black Assam tea in the UK, supermarkets and tea brands receive 49p while workers get 3p‘.

The challenges of measuring women’s empowerment: Podcast + lots of links to some great resources

Challenging inequality: funded fellowships for mid-career activists, researchers, policy-makers, movement-builders and inequalities-challengers from around the world. LSE, London. Applications close on 22 October so get a move on!

What’s the Latest Research in Development Economics? Dave Evans & Almedina Music at it again with this amazing round up of tantalising one line summaries + links to 150 papers from a recent conference

BOND asked me for some soundbites on the future of the aid sector, and what approach we should take to planning.

October 21, 2019
Duncan Green