Post-Apocalyptic bookshops and other Links I Liked

September 16, 2019

     By Duncan Green     

Balancing experts and idiots

Ah yes, balance HT @johnb78

World Population Growth. Brilliant, comprehensive, chart-tastic and interactive summary of everything you could want to know (and then some) about national/global demographics

In Africa, ‘ the microcredit industry is not a driver of development and poverty reduction, but quite the opposite: it is an “anti-developmental”. Milford Bateman doing what he does best – beating up on microfinance.

UK work visas for foreign graduates to be extended to two years. A lot of my LSE students will be very happy about this.

Some of them might want to apply for this. The LSE’s Africa Centre is recruiting for a Communications and Events Officer. Applications close 3 October.

Did Forbes magazine really ask 4 men to come up with the list of the 100 ‘most creative and successful business minds of today’, and find that 99 of them are men? And then get its editor to defend it because the exercise was ‘data driven’ and so not subjective? Maybe time to look a bit harder at the metrics?

Good to see Britain’s bookshops moving with the times HT Sony Kapoor

Post apocalyptical fiction moves to current affairs
September 16, 2019
Duncan Green