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June 28, 2019

     By Duncan Green     

In 2018, international humanitarian aid reached a high of US$28.9 billion. No thanks to US, UK or Germany, which all cut $. New high due to leaps from UAE & Saudi Arabia of $1.7 billion and $806 million respectively.

Humanitarian aid by donor region

‘Building on Oxfam’s work on Carbon Inequality it’s time to focus on the Polluter Elite: wealthy executives and directors of large oil, gas and mining companies.’ Check out Dario Kenner’s new Polluter Elite Database

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A group of US billionaires is calling for a wealth tax. That’s a wealth tax, not an income tax.

‘How Change Happens less a monument to thinking than a demonstration of non-thought, & a lesson in the power of neoliberal dogma to imprison some of this country’s most influential minds.’ Relieved this brutal review is of Cass Sunstein’s How Change Happens, not mine!

‘The right likes to explain as much as possible with reference to the perfidy of foreigners. The left’s preferred strain of simplism is conspiracy…Liberals assume everyone else is less intelligent.‘ ht Chris Mowles

Can you have a boring life and be a first-rate social scientist? A new Branko Milanovic post is always something to celebrate

‘In politics, most of what has long been attributed to fear is actually a result of anger. Both are vital to a well-working democracy.’ Fascinating essay on the politics of emotion, from George Marcus

The one iron rule of economics ht Robert Went

The ironclad rule of economics
June 28, 2019
Duncan Green