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June 17, 2019

     By Duncan Green     

Youth mortality rate by country

Declining child mortality: historically, almost everywhere, about 1/2 died before their 15th birthday. The global average today is 1/10 of that – one child in 20, Still far too many, obviously, but a striking change.

The creeping criminalisation of humanitarian aid: now it’s happening in Europe & US. V worrying trend.

The spoof twitter ‘God’ (6 million followers) has been having a delightful exchange with the censors. God won.

Funding Opportunity: The Developmental Leadership Program is looking to fund new innovative research into leadership

‘When people have limited information, when it is on a topic that they care about, & when they have power to act on that information —as was the case in all ten examples above—providing that information can make a substantive difference.’ Dave Evans with 10 examples where info did the trick

Big celebrations in Botswana as High Court decriminalises homosexuality

How to talk to Congress. Extraordinary, incredibly moving speech from Jon Stewart on the abandonment of the 9/11 responders.

June 17, 2019
Duncan Green