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June 10, 2019

     By Duncan Green     

Academic Writing Genres [ht @AcademicsSay]

  • First draft: Horror
  • Abstract: Action thriller
  • Hypothesis section: Fantasy
  • Results section: Tragedy
  • Limitations section: True crime
  • Implications section: Satire
  • Grant application: Science fiction

Calling all activists (of whatever kind). Oxfam’s (new, improved) free online course ‘Make Change Happen‘ has begun another 8 week run. Feedback says people like the content, but value the convos with other changemakers around the world even more.

Handy guide to organizing inclusive, (maybe even interesting) conferences

Four nights this Ramadan under the shadow of refugee returns in Lebanon: A lovely positive story of people coming together

Damning account of the role of the patent system in slowing down the creation of an Ebola vaccine, despite lots of public money being thrown at it

What many women hear (ht Dina Pomeranz):

‘Even if cameras are the most straightforward way to improve teacher attendance, they are in our view the wrong one.’ Dan Honig introduces his new paper with Lant Pritchett on how to improve education quality. Short answer: not tech.

The future of aid: How the global development business is evolving

“The reason we have the triple threats of disconnection of people from society, mistrust of institutions, and rising populism is because we have structurally underinvested in [civil society],” Andy Haldane could be next governor of the Bank of England. Hope so.

‘Prejudiced’ Home Office refusing visas to African researchers. Great to see last month’s FP2P post by Esther Yei-Mokuwa, Carolin Dieterle and Elizabeth Storer getting some traction – front page of the Observer, no less!

The world is ageing. For the first time there are more people over 64 years old than children younger than 5 in the world.

June 10, 2019
Duncan Green