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May 27, 2019

     By Duncan Green     

Ignoring suggestions

When someone sends dumb comments on your precious draft.

Stop what you’re doing and watch this for 30 secs as Bill Nye (the science guy) loses his shit on climate change denial. Genius.

Rwanda’s ‘reconciliation villages’, where genocide survivor and perpetrator live side by side

Low & low-middle income countries will collect public revenues of about $444 per person in 2020 – just over $1 per person per day. But tax is becoming generally more regressive. A new Oxfam paper sets out the case for progressive taxes on property and profits to tackle inequality.

Can Twitter help drive policy change? 7 success factors in successful digital activism

Is Ramadan evolving into a Christmas style consumerfest, or a Green rejection of materialism? Both, it seems

Remember that scene in The Wire where teachers turn up the heating to make their kids more docile? Turns out it also reduces their test scores in real life too. Fans, ventilation and air conditioning are not a luxury, but a way to improve learning. Great round-up of recent education research by Dave Evans

PISA math score against annual temperature
May 27, 2019
Duncan Green