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April 30, 2019

     By Duncan Green     

Counting votes dressed as superheroes

From a friend in Indonesia: ‘Good info, mass public engagement & a competent elections team, all in a country of 9k islands, $3.5k per cap. And they did it. Cleanly fairly & mostly non-violently. Such a change from US & Afghanistan. I think this picture sort of sums it up.’

‘Temperature change driven by CO2 emissions has affected poor counties most, reducing their growth by 17-31% over the 50 years to 2010. Inequality has therefore increased because of climate change.’ Branko Milanovic has a good discussion of the significance of these findings.

The full index of (hundreds of) EC myths c/o the Daily Mail and friends, all painstakingly rebutted by the Commission. Decades of fake news – extraordinary.

‘The new [US} Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act requires federal agencies to spell out which questions they’re trying to answer and then to collect data systematically.’ And no, it wasn’t published on April 1st. ht Scott Guggenheim

‘Looking back over 8 years and 65 assessments by [independent UK aid watchdog] ICAI, we find that almost 80 percent of UK aid assessed was well spent.’ But DFID does a lot better than the other departments muscling in on the budget.

‘There has been a huge focus on vaccine and diagnostic innovations, and far less on building community trust.’ Update on the worsening Ebola crisis in DRC

6 minute video from the New Humanitarian on the benefits of localization ht Evans Onyiego

April 30, 2019
Duncan Green